eco-lution announcement

eco-lution announcement

We love how much you love our skincare and makeup – we have our favourites and we know you do to. Today we announce that it’s time to say goodbye to some old favs…

Olive Oil Lipsticks have been a crowd-pleaser for years! Wow. They were a truly unique lipstick when they launched, giving long-lasting vibrant colour with a natural formula. So many of you are big fans and we’re sad to say these beauties won’t be coming back into stock.

Cacao Lip Colours were a more recent launch – subtle colours packed with hydrating nourishment. These babies are retiring from the EP family also.

We are currently on an eco-lution journey as we aim to be as sustainable as possible. This means we are making the (sometimes tough!) choice to let go of some of our favourites to make way for new more eco-friendly beauty solutions.

Both of these lip products were housed in bulky packaging, and we’re so obsessed with sustainability we wanted to reinvent colour cosmetics.

Enter – Coco Crayons!

Zero waste, wooden colour beauty crayons with aluminium lids.
These crayons are vibrant and wearable in 6 awesome shades. There’s something for everyone. With hydrating oils, we’re sure you’ll find a new favourite.

I personally love the shade Rebel.. subtly smudged into lips for the day & applying deeper colour for the ultimate evening vampy look.

Find your sustainable colour match: