beach to bar

beach to bar


One of the things I love the most in summer is that amazing sunny day when I spend all day at the beach and in the late afternoon I go straight to have lunch with friends.

Even protecting myself from the sun and reapplying sunscreen countless times, after so long exposed to the sun and salt water, I can feel my skin losing its natural shine and drying out throughout the day.

After many tries, I finally found the perfect combo to instantly improve my skin's appearance and feel beautiful, without makeup, to go anywhere.


So, write down this valuable step-by-step:

1. With the face washed, I start by spraying 2-3 times the Herbal Face Tonic on my face and décolletage and wait for it to dry a little; It refreshes, revives and returns nutrients to the skin instantly because it’s full of antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties;

2. Then, I apply 3-4 drops of Australian Blue Cypress to the face and décolletage, spreading it by massaging until it’s well absorbed through the skin. It deeply hydrates skin without making the face greasy. This step is very satisfying, because we can see our skin coming back to life and with a healthy glow again.

3. Time to moisturise lips and other parts of the body that are dry. I like to apply Papaya SOS Marmalade under eyes, décolletage, hands and hair. Perfect to super hydrating, protecting and repairing sun damage.

4. To create a natural look and still look like I didn't apply any makeup, I like to colour my lips and cheeks a little with Carrot Colour Pot in shade Healthy, as it keeps skin soft & hydrated.

5. Finally, I apply Aloe Gel lash & Brow Mascara because, since it has no color, it allows me to keep the natural look, organize my eyebrows and lashes and I can also control that hair that baby hairs if I want to do a bun.


And that fast, I feel ready for any last minute invitation.

I hope you like the tips to make your summer more practical and hydrated. But remember, the best hydration comes from the inside out, so don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Good summer for everyone!


 Thank you, Bruna Reiss