carbon neutral beauty

carbon neutral beauty


We are always conscious of our commitments to be a sustainable brand that promotes ethical beauty. You'll see our certifications and badges on our website and packaging and you can learn more about how we careDid you know - only 17 beauty brands are certified Carbon Neutral... that includes Ere Perez! Since 2016 we have been proudly certified Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute


This Earth Day we are thinking of all the small ways we can give back to the earth. There are so many opportunities in a single day to make a positive impact and a choice that is better for the planet. One way is to shop consciously across beauty, food, home, fashion and lifestyle. This means using your money to support brands and organisations that are doing good things for the earth. By doing a little research, you can make sure you are supporting brands who support your values and the earth! 

So what should you look out for when wanting to shop ethically?
- refillable solutions
- eco packaging
- natural formulations
- cruelty free
- vegan ingredients
- environment-focused certifications
- limited plastic wrapping



And here's 12 of our fav things that make us better friends to the earth:

◦ collect 1 piece of litter off the beach
◦ plant things back into the soil, instead of just taking things out
◦ make more conscious decisions about how we treat animals
◦ use less plastic to keep our oceans clean
◦ just don’t chop down that tree in the garden
◦ plant a flower and let it grow
◦ support brands with ethical values
◦ remember your reusable shopping bags
◦ eat more plant-based
◦ hang clothes on the line instead of using the dryer
◦ take a reusable coffee cup to the café
◦ recycle, even when it feels hard. 

     See what you can do today to honour and celebrate our Earth!