beauty that supports the earth

beauty that supports the earth

I love beauty as much as I love sustainability. There’s no reason to choose between the two.

Our earth is our home, our floor, our oxygen, our life where we can bring joy in a fresh new day full of possibilities, surprises and smiles. It is a time to care, and time to give our most valuable resource - time - to our earth, with love, care and wise lifestyle choices.

Since launching Ere Perez in 2002 my green ambitions have always stemmed further than the formulas. Creating planet-positive beauty, clean skincare and makeup must-haves, made from ethical botanicals and eco-friendly packaging, to support our earth,

This April 22, Earth Day is a beautiful reminder for us all to look at our lives and clean up where we can!

On top of our cruelty free skincare and makeup, and saying no to harmful toxic ingredients, last year, we set huge sustainability goals as part of our eco-lution journey, that we have accomplished this start of 2024.

And as a team, we pledge to continue to use ethically sourced ingredients. To use plastics responsibly, and only where essential. To always evaluate our current best-selling makeup to be waste free. And ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible.

I am not claiming to be perfect - but we are doing our best.

As a beauty brand founder, and a proud eco-warriors, I want to support the beauty industry towards a bright and clean future where we can turn the tide, together! 

Let's make this Earth Day count by committing to individual change for the collective good. Support the planet by reducing landfill waste, refilling your makeup, choosing sustainable skincare and makeup, like Ere Perez, from the products, ingredients and packaging.

Thank you sharing the love of natural beauty and our Earth.

- Ere Perez, Founder & Creative Director

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