ere's earth day message: let's make a deal!

ere's earth day message: let's make a deal!

With the natural disasters around the world and especially in Australia right now, there is no more time to waste to take action for the earth. Earth day is a beautiful reminder for us all to look at our lives and clean up where we can! 

At Ere Perez, we have always cared about our precious planet. Since 2002 we said NO to animal testing, we said NO to a harmful toxic ingredients and chose natural formulas. Now, we are on a Journey of Eco-Lution. This means we are assessing all our ranges and products to make them as sustainable as we can. This will take some time, but we are committed to our goal. We are pioneers of natural beauty and leaders in sustainable beauty. Our eco-lution is for the earth and with the ultimate goal of health and harmony with our planet. 

We are responsibily using plastics only where essential, changing packaging, replacing a lot of mirrors, glue and many other components to make our beauty as sustainable as possible. Our new creations will be made with recycled/recyclable and mono materials. We don't claim to be perfect - but we are doing our best.

What can you do differently in your life today? Can you support brands who are responsible and more sustainable? Where can you shop more consciously, eat more intentionally and consume less? If we all make small changes, the ripple effect is powerful. Let's all be that stone that casts a ring of influence around us.  

I am a mother, a brand founder and Creative Director of Ere Perez and as we take our message to the world, I am as proud of my legacy as a beauty pioneer as my role as an eco-warrior. We can do this. We can turn the tide and together - the beauty industry can lead the way towards a bright and clean future. Let's make this Earth Day count by committing to individual change for the collective good. Let's make a deal to commit to 1 positive change for the earth today!


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