tropical days make us smile

tropical days make us smile

Our favourite tropical fruit is mango. We love it so much we made it the star ingredient in our divine new vegan lip honey. Mango tastes like a tropical island, but it’s also insanely good for our skin. Mango is filled with vitamins and minerals to enhance lip health and plump skin. These lip honeys are a syrupy gloss that glide on, with luscious subtle colour. You just have to try them. Here’s the 4 awesome lickable shades:


 GLAZE = clear
 CHILLI = shimmer nude
 CRUSH = purple
 POP = pink

Mango lip honey can be worn on a clean fresh face with a big smile! Or, as a complete natural look.


Here’s How:
oat milk foundation - honey | arnica concealer - honey | vanilla highlighter - falling star | rice powder blush & bronzer - roma | avocado waterproof mascara - black | aloe gel lash & brow mascara - clear | almond brow pencil - perfect | mango lip honey


1. To a moisturised face, apply oat milk foundation.
2. Blend arnica concealer under eyes and over any redness.
3. For all over healthy colour, apply rice powder blush & bronzer - roma across the face in a gentle layer.
4. Fix up those brows with almond brow pencil - perfect. Fill in any gaps and add the appearance of full brows.
5. Follow with aloe gel lash & brow mascara - clear to set brows. 
6. To lashes, apply 2 layers of avocado waterproof mascara - black.
7. Time for tropical fun! Find your favourite mango lip honey shade and apply to top and bottom lips.

Smack your lips together and SMILE!


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